Dogs welcomed!

If your dog would enjoy joining you on a Private Ecotour, they are welcome! Sometimes they take a shine to Capt Meg and join her at the wheel. She got caught giving kisses to “No Legs” Jack on a recent ecotour!!

Being together

One time, on a tour as children where laughing and pointing out dolphins to their parents, a father said to me “you get to see people on one of the best day of their lives, for people I see at work, it’s usually the worst.” He was a police officer/first responder. We enjoy every moment we get to be a part of when you bring your friends and family onboard!

Sea Island Cooking Lessons with Marvetta Hutchinson

Marvetta has Sunday dinner planned for our guests today. They chose a Lowcountry Boil which has local shrimp and crab and Marvetta picked up organic okra from Harleston @rootingdownfarms @thetwentybag for their seasonal veggie. Yum!

Sweetgrass in bloom

Autumn is when the sweetgrass seeds and this gorgeous purple/reddish haze tops the grass!

And now a word from our sponsor…

Hi all, it has been a pleasure to connect with you over social media. Our favorite way to connect is on the water, but when we can’t do that, virtual connection has been a close second. We are going to try to remove social media from our connection and post directly on our blog page. Check back for new content M, W, F each week.

Scenes of Edisto

My goal is to create a mix of images, videos and captions to share life on Edisto Island and beyond.

Today was the annual Edisto Island Parade. In 1999 I met my friend, Sarah Burnell, and we have been in the parade for many years. I’m usually the driver, but sometimes we get a great loaner convertible and guest driver. This event is about friends, neighbors and family getting together and having a good time. Oh and great food: conch chowder, fried seafood, BBQ ribs, funnel cake!

If you’ve never heard of or been to the Edisto Island Parade, be on the lookout for a banner with details in April each year. Join the Edisto Island Community Association to keep up with island events.