Deeps breaths and ecotourism

Taking deep belly breaths relaxes the body into the “rest and digest” mode of the parasympathetic nervous system. Taking deep breaths in nature increases the positive, calming effect of breathing slowly and consciously. These videos are to bring a bit of nature to you, wherever you are, and a chance to pause and enjoy a few calming breaths.

Change of scene

As beautiful as the lowcountry scenery is, a change now and then keeps it from becoming under-appreciated. Mountains always jazz things up!

Warm and protective

Consider a grey squirrel’s tail. Carrying it over their back while feeding is a protective measure. If a bird of prey grabs from above, the talons may just grab all tail and not the spine and torso of the squirrel. Giving it a split second moment to evade death. As they move the tail flicks and moves behind them as if another, more animated squirrel. Again, a method to draw the predator’s eye.

Snowy egret

The origin of egret is “aigrette,“ French for plume.

Iconic Lowcountry sunset

There are raging debates on some barrier islands about cutting maritime forests that “block the view.” As seen here, trees of a maritime forest are part of and even enhance the view. Proper trimming allows a viewscape and can improve the health of the tree.

Need a break?

We have walking ecotours and Sea Island Cooking Lessons all winter. If you find yourself in need of a reset, join us and we’ll help you reconnect with the land. Whether walking Edisto Beach’s quiet Sound or eating seafood and vegetables from the island’s waters and fields- remind yourself why you live here and what this region represents. Both programs are presented by top-notch guides who have a talent for sharing their knowledge in a relaxed and approachable manner.

Dogs welcomed!

If your dog would enjoy joining you on a Private Ecotour, they are welcome! Sometimes they take a shine to Capt Meg and join her at the wheel. She got caught giving kisses to “No Legs” Jack on a recent ecotour!!