Bring the puppers!

We welcome well-behaved dogs who enjoy a boat ride! Capt Jack aka No Legs Jack reporting for duty.

Whimbrel evening tour

Have you heard about the magnificence of what happens every evening for the next few weeks? 20,000

What’s in your backyard?

Whimbrels- 20,000 of them head to Deveaux Bank to roost on the North Edisto River every evening until heading to the Artic. Contact us if you’re interested in a private experience to witness this natural phenomenon! 843-869-2998

Yellow warblers

When visiting here, yellow warblers are usually hidden deep in the foliage of the maritime forest. South of the Equator they hop around in the streets for all to see! Because they eat the seeds that farmers plant, one farmer said they are called “bad boys”!

Share time outside

Mother and daughter enjoying time in the mangroves, Isla Isabella, Ecuador.

Wood stork taking a rest

Wood storks are tactile feeders and close their beak on a fish when they feel them. They have the fastest reflex of all the vertebrates!


Capt Meg was invited to join an ecotour to the Galapagos. It was an amazing experience to be with some of the best trained ecotour guides IN THE WORLD! Ecuador has set a high bar for guide training and how to manage tourism in sensitive and vital ecological areas. In addition to adding lots of animals to her life list, Meg came back recharged for a new season!