Share time outside

Mother and daughter enjoying time in the mangroves, Isla Isabella, Ecuador.

Wood stork taking a rest

Wood storks are tactile feeders and close their beak on a fish when they feel them. They have the fastest reflex of all the vertebrates!


Capt Meg was invited to join an ecotour to the Galapagos. It was an amazing experience to be with some of the best trained ecotour guides IN THE WORLD! Ecuador has set a high bar for guide training and how to manage tourism in sensitive and vital ecological areas. In addition to adding lots of animals to her life list, Meg came back recharged for a new season!

Clapper rail swimming

Clapper rails (known locally as marsh hens) are elusive, so seeing this one swimming in the open was a treat.

Peregrine falcon feeding on a bird

Peregrines are considered the fastest animal on the planet, flying around 65-70mph. When they go into a stoop (dive) they can attain speeds of over 200 mph!!