Sandwich terns

I appreciate the yellow tip on the sandwich terns bill as an easy way to identify it. The name refers to Sandwich, England where the bird was first described.

Diamondback terrapin

This female terrapin was swimming along the edge of Morgan Island, probably looking for a nesting site.

Wharf Road

Martha Watson took us to Wharf Road to record the old island place names.

Old Road

Continuing our record of the old place names on Edisto, Martha Watson told us that Old Rd used to be the main road when 174 was dirt.

Edisto’s old road names

What most people think of as Edisto Island is actually several different islands and numerous local communities. The old names were replaced when the county out up road signs. We travel with Martha Watson to record these names so they aren’t forgotten.

ACE Basin Ecotour

Today’s ACE Basin Ecotour enjoyed this wonderful encounter with dolphins.